Writing Today

Hello all...today I'm devoting extra time to the edits required to get Sacred Revelations to LSB...but I did't want anyone to feel left out...

Here's a wee wicked tease from Sacred Revelations, just cause I'm being ornery...

Joining him, I kept my eyes lowered, stepping back just a little when I saw his hand reach for me. Reflex. Not ducking, not exactly, but defensive. The reaction was met by a heavy sigh, “Who hurt you? Who made you lose your trust?” He shook his head, “Not Garrett.”
Then his hand was near my face, not touching, reaching for me in what seemed like slow motion, trying not to spook me, as one trained might approach a new horse, or an unknown dog, but maybe my mind was just having a hard time accepting that he was going to touch me. His fingers were light on my jaw, lifting my face with an easy pressure, forcing my gaze up to his. I directed my gaze away.
“Look at me.” His voice smooth and easy, but not like warm brandy, more like summer thunder, soft, rolling, non-threatening. Our gazes collided when I finally brought myself to lift my eyes to his and the force of will, coming from his, was a scary thing that I quickly looked away from a second time.
“Keep your eyes on mine.”
Swallowing, I looked and forced myself to keep looking long after my bravado faded. A slow trembling started in my shoulders, uncontrollable. I feared him for no other reason than once he’d kissed me and once he’d entranced me. Both times, in my mind, I thought of him as Lucifer, the great deceiver; but standing before me, I forced myself to remember that he was a man, just a man. His scent came to me on the breeze, exotic, unknown, like incense, frankincense, and myrrh, a hint of cinnamon and warm leather.
I wanted to look away but took him all in, his jaw darkened with a hint of five o’clock shadow, adding ruggedness to his well-trimmed mustache and goatee. Lashes, longer and thicker than any I’d ever seen on a man, surrounded his dark brown eyes. Just a man, I told myself again, not a god, not a demon, and still I trembled.
“Are you going to be able to go through with this?” He asked.
“Yes.” I whispered. “I want this, I truly do.”


Lila said...

Love the excerpt!

*pout* I'm not posting anymore comments becuase you keep moderating mine. *pout*

Roxy Harte said...

I didn't!! I promise!
I'm just overworked and underpaid...and...oh damn, I'm just gonna flog you so you'll know how much I really love you!!!

Lila said...

That's love right there!

Roxy Harte said...

Yeah, baby, nothing says "I Love You" like a good flogging, although Sir expects an invitation to the big event;)

You know who! said...

Is he just watching... or more.

Color me intrigued.

*snicker* I wouldn't do that to you Roxy, I ruin men for all other women.

Probably because I can't give head correctly.