so if I sent Santa a list of what I might want him to bring me...
do you think the elves are up to grown-up toys?
I never thought so, until a friend shared this with me.

Now, I think Santa is my kind of jolly...

Roxy's Naughty Girl List:
Suede Flogger
Massage Oil...prefer sesame but almond will do
Nipple Clamps...various intensities
Wooden Paddle

And as an afterthought, a nice tall pole...just so I don't become as desperate as the lovely girl in the video:


Lila said...

Did you know that all Santa's reindeer are actually girls because only female reindeer have antlers in the winter?

Lila (again) said...

okay so that is a lame comment but my christmas wish isn't interesting or sexy or cool. I want a laptop. I want to be able to write wherever i am.

But it's okay because I know I am getting one. :)

I know because I bought it.

Lila said...

Roxy... this is not a new blog... where is your new blog...