Writers Who Make Us Think (and feel)

Yesterday, a friend of mine over at LSB told me that she had mentioned me in an interview she had done for Fallen Angel Reviews...of course, I raced right over to see what Darragha had said about me because for one, she is of only a handful of authors who has really "gotten my attention". I say that because although I love to read, few authors make me think about what they've written for very long after I've read it let alone make me feel something long enough that it stays with me forever...
Laurrell K Hamilton can do it, Diana Gabaldon does it every time, and Sara Douglas can really get me. Then, there is this woman named Darragha Foster who once wrote in an excerpt from Loves Second Sight:

Thorgunna took Leif into her warm mouth, circling her tongue around the tip of his thickening maleness, pushing the foreskin back with her lips, exposing the sensitive tip to the warmth of her tongue. She stroked the base of the Greenlandic beast with a hand while allowing the head to dive into her mouth. She could taste her own ardor mixed with his salty passion on his flesh.
"I find it quite unbelievable that you have never done this before. Thorgunna, please, lie back. I need you now, woman," Leif moaned.
Thorgunna waved a hand, cutting him off, continuing her battle with the monster, now fully under her control. Leif shuddered, trying to pull away, to warn Thorgunna that his seed was brimming, but she did not stop her rhythmical washing until the throbbing, pulsating beast was fully at rest.
"By the gods, Thorgunna," Leif moaned, dizzy from the force of the orgasm. Thorgunna looked at Leif with a commanding glance, "Are you certain I cannot accompany you?"
Leif fell back against the skins, "Aye, but for your sweet mouth upon me I'd sell my soul to a devil to stay here!"
"That would make two of us, then," Thorgunna said, rising to rinse her face in the washbowl.

Wow, Darragha had cast me back to a time when rugged men were softened only by the pelts they wore for warmth and women were strong enough to lull a man back to their arms again and again. It is the root of great legends. Yeah, yeah...there is that part where she pushed back his foreskin...is there anything more erotic than that? And the part where she made him come in her mouth...

Yeah, Darragha, you had me...
So, when I heard that she had mentioned me in an interview...I was thrilled but nervous. I mean, what could Darragha have to say about me? Because I was pretty certain from talks we'd shared that D/s wasn't her thing. Here is an escerpt from her interview:

Q:Who are your favorite authors? Who inspires you?

A:I was first inspired by Shakespeare. No kidding. Age 9. Blammo. Discovered Shakespeare and went nuts over it. Got in trouble in school for writing Hamlet's soliloquy on the chalkboard during recess in the 4th grade. My mother went ballistic over that. "What other 9 year old do you have who are reading and memorizing Shakespeare, huh?" She told 'em. Norton Juster (The Phanton Tollbooth), Ursula K. LeGuin (The Earthsea series), John Norman (The Gor books), Libba Bray (A Great and Terrible Beauty) are some faves. Oddly, I read more non-fiction for pleasure. I loved Judith Levine's "My Year Without Buying It." Could I do what she did? I think about it every day, but haven't done it yet! I read lots of ebooks. Everyone should read ebooks. Ebooks totally rock! I recently read "Sacred Secrets" by Roxy Harte and it made me sooooo angry! The book brought out lots of very strong emotions in me. And that's what a good book should do!

I did for Darragha what I intend for every reader...I triggered emotion. Yes!
Love my writing or hate my writing, as long as you FEEL my writing, I've done my job...because if a writer can make you feel, you will be changed, and you will remember...

Thank you, Darragha...I'll be forever pushing back foreskins in my dreams... and the interview mention was very nice, too.


Lila said...

This... THIS?!? is your blog after the weekend of amazingness?

Agh! I need details!

My date... did not go well. I am mortally embarassed by what happened. I think I need like lessons or something. Will you teach me?

LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

Wow. I wrote that, huh? I swear I channelled Love's Second Sight. Whoo...I'm getting hot!

And as for Sacred Secrets, darling...nothing will come between me and my coffee. Nothing! I've been recommending Sacred Secrets to those I know in the D/s scene. Problem is, I know mostly subs, and they say they have to ask their Master for permission to read the thing. Grrrr. Even a slave or sub should get to read Sacred Secrets!