What's On My Mind Today? Sexual Torture

Okay, it isn't really my fault that my mind has warped around to slightly twisted very early in the morning...I mean, I've already had a very busy day...in a good way:

As many of you have heard, I'm in a long distance relationship with a new Dom, sometimes referred to as Sir, sometimes, like when talked to friends over at the LSB Forum, solely referred to as HIM....and well, long distance is still long distance...and this morning I had to take matters into my own hands, call the man, and initiate some good old fashioned flirting tease...which led to an experiment in phone sex...blushing and giggling but had a good time...

then, as a warm down, I wandered over to LSB to see what my friend, Lila, was up to lately and realized that I missed three days of conversation...shame on me because she put out a call to Roxy days ago for assistance:

Lila Dubois wrote: " Well you have left me with nothing but torture. I am sorry it had to come to this. *wanders off to find Roxy for pointers* "

This was my Forum reply...three days late...sorry, Lila

:D Roxy's List of Favorite Torture Techniques:D

1. Tie torturee up in a straight back wooden chair

2. Lay out implements of torture on a nearby table...include candle, lighter, scissors and other inducements of fear...syringe, big scary knife...

3. Blindfold torturee

4. Taking scissors, make cutting sounds close to face...proceed to very slowly and seductively cut off every inch of clothing

5. skin stroking and licking is very important at this point to put your torturee at ease (and you do want them at ease for a little while before you crank up the tention another notch)


Can you take it from here or do you need more pointers??


But now, here I am...sitting at my desk at the real job, and looking very professional and productive as I type,type,type ... and all I can think about is rope, and the feel of cold metal as my clothing is cut off...

have I ever mentioned that it's a real bitch being a switch sometimes...because I love to think up the nasty and dish it out but taking it....oh yeah, letting someone figure out how to push my buttons? I can really get into that.

Also, in celebration of my finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel on finishing Sacred Revelations...there is a very HOT (did I say HOT?) video over at the forum...check it out...unless you hate seeing the naked female form...and trust me on this...she is an EXQUISITE naked woman. How do you say YUMMY in Italian?

So, see for yourself.


Lila said...

See you are much better at this. Setting the mood, building up anticipation, just general wickedness.

I usually wade in, impliment of torture flying.

Trial by fire, that's me.

You can/will refer to Him as Sir or HIM... I dub him 'Roxy's New Hotness'

so dubbed.

Lila said...

"I wandered over to LSB to see what my friend, Lila, was up to lately and realized that I missed three days of conversation...shame on me because she put out a call to Roxy days ago for assistance"

Yea! Shame on you!

Sir New Hotness, if you are reading, I think Roxy needs some punishment for this.



Roxy Harte said...

Okay Lila,
That is so unfair...asking him to punish me for not keeping track of your online chats...I mean, it is kind of HIS fault that I've been preoccupied of late...

Seems like some kind of Sadist tag team if you ask me...


Lila said...

I am here to help.

No I'm not. I am here to live vicariously through you since Halloween Blind Date guy is distressingly fetish free and has no wicked ideas of his own.

I'm going to hang out with him this weekend but it will be stricktly talking as I am getting over the flu. Dang... talking. This guy... not so much with the stunning conversational wit.

I am sure you are REEEEEEAAALLLY upset by the idea of a bit more punishment, a few more strokes with the flogger, a few more taps with the crop, a few more minutes of deep breathing wearing clamps...

Wait, what was I talking about?

No sympathy! That's right. Here it is, almost time for your long weekend of fetish lovin and I've got a Law Student. Oh the humanity.

If I don't talk to you before them I hope you have fun.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Roxy Harte said...

You know Lila,
Your Law Students problem may not be that he is fetish free but that he is inexperienced...maybe you should try a little bondage on him...blindfold him, tie to bed, teased deliciously with a feather, maybe a baby oil assisted hand job or full body on full body massage...
you may turn him onto kink in just one afternoon;)