Taking Happy Half-Naked Thursday to a Whole New Level

Okay, so I absolutely love the idea of Half-Naked Thursday...a term I heard first during my college days...but at the time thought was just a way for guys to get bored, horney, on their way to being intoxicated Freshmen girls out of their clothes or partially out of their clothes in public places. Ahmmm. Do I look that gullible to you? Okay, that question does not require an answer...

At any rate...I still considered it a fairly regional local ploy; so, imagine my surprise when I ran across the site of a fellow blogger, who calls himself Figleaf and lives far off in the land known as New York. His own plan for celebrating Half-Naked Thursday (today)...seems a bit extreme even for those of us who take any opportunity to lose a bit of clothing in public places now and then...even on days other than Thursday.

November 30, 2006
Weather outside is frightful HNT
So I know, I know, everyone up to and including the New York Times has been going on and on about how soggy the Northwest has been this year. Yeah, yeah, we get a lot of rain. What's less known is that the Northwest also hold the record for snowfall -- 1,140 inches at Mt. Baker in 1998-99, 1,122 inches at Mt. Ranier in 1971-72.

Well, we don't usually get snow down here in the lowlands (see rain, above) but it's been an unusual month. I'm just eyeballing and here in town I'm seeing... maybe... two inches. Max! (But then, as you can probably tell if you look closely, it's bloody cold!)

Well, well, Figleaf, Happy Half-Naked Thursday!

Yes, there is a P.S. to this post because I'm a little tenacious, sometimes, and I couldn't leave this one alone...so I searched for more information on Half-Naked Thursday...or Half-Nekked Thursday as a multitude of bloggers are now referring to it I found out...who'd have thought there would be entire blogs devoted to HNT? Go figure...a really cool idea is finally out of the closet, though there seems to be some discrepency as where and when the term was coined...so, I can only admit that yeah, I acually did fall for the idea of Half-Naked In Public Places on Thursday way back "in the day", roughly '82...

Here's the Permalink if you want GUIDELINES for HNT...or a whole lot more;P


figleaf said...

There's quite a lot of other people who do the Thursday photo thing. It was started sort of on a whim by this guy named
and he's got links to hundreds of people who've tried it.

Thanks for the gracious write up, Roxy!

Anonymous said...

Nice...Happy HNT to you too...

Roxy Harte said...

Yesterday…you missed Happy Half Naked Thursday by going home from work sick…hope you are much better today:)

HNT…I had no idea it was a new exciting event happening all over the web…entertaining enough to blog about…I also promptly took my own half-naked photo outside in the fall leaves…and although I wasn’t brave enough to post it…as th eonline blogging community involved are doing...I did email it to HIM and he promptly called and promised me a spanking for being such a bad little girl. Awwwwwwwwwww. Is this really supposed to discourage my bad behavior?


Lila said...

Ohhh if I'm bad I geta spanking?

Alrighty then... what can I do to be bad? Hmmm...

Seriously, that is no kind of punishment.


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