On The Third and Fourth Days of Christmas...

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me four ass smacks, three butt plugs, two nipple clamps, and a talking head vibrator.

Yeah, I know, I non-chalantly slid the four butt plugs in there without too much ado...peer pressure...I say screw it...get over it...it's just sex toys.

Also, there's a wee excerpt for you today from Sacred Revelations:

I lay the paddle down on the table, noting that she relaxes fully only once the paddle is no longer in my hand. I watch her watching me, seeing her lick her lips when my hand falls over a long handled vibrator. Lifting it, I switch it on, so that she hears the faint buzz. She fidgets as I walk toward her and I know by the reaction how needy she is, so close to orgasm, so far from it as well.
I run the vibrating head over her calf, teasing the back of her ankle before drawing it up her calf, nudging the inside of her knee to spread her legs wider before sliding up the inside of her thigh, keeping it away from her pussy, knowing how badly she wants me to touch her there. I take the vibrator down the inside of her other thigh. She hisses, not daring to beg. I rub the vibrator over the backs of her thighs and along the curved edge of her ass. Switching the vibrator to my left hand, I rub the vibrator inside the creases of her knees, it is a sweet spot for her. Tickling. She dances on her toes. I ease my right middle finger along the slick edge of her labia.
“You are so wet for me. You like this don’t you sweetheart?”
“Yes,” she moans, lifting her hips.
I press my finger into her, feeling her vaginal lips grip around me. I end the torture, drawing the vibrator up to her clit, tapping then holding it over her most sensitive spot, making her scream as she rides out her orgasm, waiting until she sags against the rail before I pull the vibrator away. Turning it off, I lay it on the table and reach for my next implement of pleasure, a special gift I bought for her and have yet to find the right moment to give to her. It is an extravagance, a solid metal butt plug, the handle shaped like a birds head, the beak holding a diamond setting. I hold it down for her to see, “I bought this for you.”
I tilt my head down to see her better, seeing her eyes glow. “Before you ask, yes, it’s a real diamond.” I smile at her. “Always play with men of means, if you can, it’s so much more fun than getting shagged by a man who shoves a ninety-nine cent fingernail polish bottle up you butt and calls it plugged.”
She giggles and the sound is music to my ears. “It sounds like you may have some experience in that department as well, Lord Fyre?”
I wink, “None I’m willing to admit to.” I stay kneeling, letting her see me play with the smooth edges of the plug, it will be the largest I’ve ever used on her. It will be a heavy mass inside her, stretching and filling her, but the best surprise will be the weight.
“It’s beautiful,” she whispers.
“Yes, beautiful women deserve beautiful, expensive toys.”
Standing, I rub her ass, stroking over the dark purple circles very softly, fanning out my fingers to caress every bit of her bright pink skin. I smack her lightly with my bare hand, smacking as I slide the plug through her vaginal wetness, slicking it, then pushing quick and hard to insert the butt-plug into her anus. It is large and she grunts, but lifts her ass to take it. God, she pleases me.
“Wiggle your ass, sweetheart.” I want to see the diamond sparkle in the candle light.
She wiggles and it is a glorious sight.
“Are you ready for me to hurt you some more?”
“Yes, Lord Fyre.”
“You want me to hurt you while you hold your new pricey toy inside of you?”
“Yes,” she sobs, closing her eyes, feeling the weight inside her.
“Squeeze it with your muscles.”
The metal plug bobs and I know she does what she is told. “Keep squeezing it until you can’t squeeze any longer. Do you understand?”

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