On The Fifth Day of Christmas...

"On the fifth day of
Christmas my true love gave to me, five vibrating rings, four ass smacks, three butt plugs,
two nipple clamps
and a talking head vibrator."

Hmmm, a vibrating cock ring, now that's an adult toy I need in my toy chest.Went over to Toys for Tarts to see what they had to say about Cock Rings...
"Cock rings are multi-purpose devices. Initially developed to aid in prolonging or enhancing an erection, they've evolved to include clitoral stimulation -- either via a nubby extension and/or a bullet vibe."

Okay, I'm sold...tell me where to get one!
Not to be disappointed Babeland had just what I was looking for...too many to choose from looking for...omg...how will I ever choose just one??

1. Contact High looks like fun, promising that it hits the "right spot" during partner sex and handy with no confusing battery packs to wind around you as you change positions. Hmmm...this does sound interesting, the description reads, "the extra-long extension vibrates gently whenever you make contact with it."
Roxy Interest Level: HIGH

2. Betty Jo looks like a baby bunny, a blue baby bunny, a little too cutesy for Roxy though the ad copy reads, "a couple's cock ring with dual vibes means you both get optimal vibration. The silky-smooth silicone cock ring sports two vibrators with separate four-speed controls, making it easier than ever to stimulate the clitoris, the penis—and all the nerve endings in between—from a variety of positions."
So even though the ad copy got my attention, blue bunnies are not high on my gift wish list.
Roxy Interest Level: LOW

3.Trojan Elexa Cock Ring/Condom Combo is disposable, discreet, and seems to make big promises..."Now safe sex can be sensational and spontaneous, thanks to the first-ever disposable vibrating cock ring and condom set known as the Elexa. The soft, flexible, vibrating cock ring vibrates for 20 minutes (maybe you should buy two, stud), stimulating both wearer and partner, and then can simply be tossed away. And the nubby, stretchy ring is designed to be used with the included deluxe condom, making safer sex more sensational for everybody."

Hey, Priceless, where are you? I need a test dummy cuase I'm allergic to latex and can't use this one...Be a doll, go find a man and give this one a test for me? I'll be waiting for your Review!
Roxy Interest Level: Passed the Buck.

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Priceless said...

Priceless's Review:

The best part of this is the disposability. Finally there is a toy you are free to use with a one night stand. There is no way you were going to use one of your nice expensive toys with a man whose name you have already forgotten so this is the perfect solution.

Disposable guy=disposable toy.

This item is the new must buy for all you love-em and leave-em ladies out there. As you have only known them for a few hours you have no guarantee as to their abilities in bed and this at leasts assures that if then can't find your clit the poor girl will get some attention.

To recap:

Disposable guy=disposable toy.