Dimensions of Roxy

Yesterday, I didn't blog, partly because yes, it was a hetic day...half day work, movie with Beautiful Girl, fight with mall traffic, Holiday Light display visit, yummy pizza downtown with friends, couple of beers...home by midnight. Normally, I would have blogged at midnight.

My heart just wasn't in it.
Maybe it's the holidays...bah humbug.
Maybe it was well intentioned friends striking a nerve.

I am what I am...a saying becoming so cliched on the internet, especially Myspace and similar sites, that a reading further only proves that the writer is so dishearted by those others in their lives who cannot accept who they are...that they are to the point of making no apologies. I have a similar saying n my personal page, a quote by Dr. Suess, ""Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

That pretty much sums it up.
So, a little criticism of my Flog Blog shouldn't matter, right? And it's not my reader's who did the criticizing...it was friends in my life who have never read my book... or so they say. So, why are they dropping by? Is it because it's cool to have a friend who is an erotica writer, someone who in their mind is living on the edge a bit, as long as they can safely send those they would be sending to my page to prove they do indeed know me. But then it got a little too risque and they had to point out that I'm a little out of control. It seems sex toys are a bit in the, "don't shove it down our throats catagory, because my (mother, aunt, kid) might come to your site and they just couldn't deal with it. On the same note, they love the sentimental stories about my kids, boyfriend moments are okay if they aren't too graffic...and don't mention that lasagna is orgasmic, because food can't really be orgasmic (hmm, eyes rolled back in head, moaning, good enough to be a little fuzzy brained and light-headed over brings to mind the adjective orgasmic, maybe I'm wrong but in my mind, and mouth, my tastebuds definitely orgasmed) ex-boyfriend, husbands, lovers might be okay...but the whole "save the planet" stuff...does anyone really want to be reminded?

So, I guess that's the question, for those of you who wish to comment, what do you like best about the blog and what could you do without?

And without further ado, What I'm Thinking About Today...
I met some friends at the Bistro on Friday for some local live music...a good time until the frends I had joined started having a verbal judo pissing match regarding who had spent more on the holidays...I'm just not into it. I was into the friend who admitted that part of their extended family shopping presents were actually donations to organizations in their name...ex...Breast Cancer Awareness, Save a wolf, feed a starving child...

I am so PROUD of you D! Even though you got some flack mid-conversation...you are awesome.

Which brings to me what musician Jean Michal Jarre is doing this weekend in Morraco to bring attention to the Global Water Crisis, and yes, I'm going to give you a few water facts that you maybe did, or didn't really want to know:
On our planet a child dies every seventeen seconds as a result of dirty water.
The US is a major contributor to the water crisis, consuming the most bottled water of any other country and thus depleting the natural resource in other parts of the world.

And totally unrelated but equally important, the Twelve Days of Christams continues with days Three and Four...


Anonymous said...

What I love best about you blog is that it's real. I
never know what I'm going to get, and that's the
beauty of it. So I might be a chicken and not be able
to buy all of the toys but hey that's my problem not
yours. If anyone of your "friends" doesn't like it,
then they shouldn't come to your sight.

I love your book and I'm anxiously waiting for the
second. Please continue to be brave and speak with
your heart because that give me courage to try to do
the same.

--Rosemary ; )

Roxy Harte said...

Hey Rosemary,
Nice to hear from you!
I am glad you sent this note to my email...I hope you don't mind that I transferred it to my blog!
Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Jolie Cain said...

Roxy, I love your blog. Don't change it. I think it's great that you blog about things you are passionate about...politics, sex, whatever. And, girl please, there's certainly a disclaimer at the top for the wary reader!!