Another Sacred Secrets Review!

I love opening my email in the morning to find a review! Yeah!!!!!!!

And to be honest, this is my first review where the reviewer didn't give me a GLOWING review...instead offering a B. For a moment I was saddened by that, but then I read the review and I realized that I affected her on a truly emotional level. In fact, so much so, that she admits that she had to take a week for the read to sink in enought to write about it. So in my mind--that--is a double whammy YEAH!

I love to challenge boundaries, affect someone on an emotional level, and leave that person thinking about a book long after they finished it. In my mind, when a reader affects me that way, leaving me unable to forget their book...it was a damn good book.

I take Sandies Review as a total complement.

Printed Here In it's entirety or you can visit her LINK:

Sacred Secrets
Roxy Harte
Year published:
Is this book part of a series? If so, which one? What book is this in the series?
Yes, I believe this is the first book in this series...bit unclear though.

editted note from author: Yes, this book is a part of the series Chronicles Of Surrender, slated to be a six book series.
My grade:
Why did you get this book?
It sounded hawt
Do you like the cover?
It's a bit odd but how wish I had a body as good as the cover models. Should have cut back on the beer years ago....LOL.
Did you enjoy the book?
Yes I did. It was a very erotic and hawt read.

I have to say I've thought about what to write for this review for a week now. I've read it and been thinking...what to say?!

I have to say that when I finished reading the book I felt uncomfortable. I wasn't exactly expecting the ending...nor my discomfort with the herione's choices. But, this author never let me down...the story kept moving and kept me on an emotional roller coaster. Even now, a week after reading the dang book I'm wondering if I liked this book or it scared me.
This book is pure erotica. Don't bother to read it if you are not comfortable with BDSM, multiple partners, gay sex or gender bending questions. If you are looking for a very hawt erotic read, I think this has something for everyone. I was wondering if the plot of the book altered to allow for sequels or additional books in this series? It seemed that just when I was comfortable with the plot and choices, it changed. Was I pissed at that? You bet. Was I pretty hawt after reading this dang thing? You bet.

Personally, I need some happily ever afters in my reading. I can't read a straight diet of erotica. It's just too much and I think I internalize too much of it. It starts rattling around up there along with work and life and I'm not quite sure what to make of everything. So, if you are a bit odd like me, read this when you won't caught up and thinking too seriously about this kinda stuff.
The story revolves around a writer sent into the BDSM world to write an expose. Only she discovers herself in some sense, by losing herself. I wasn't comfortable with that part...nor was I too thrilled with who I considered the hero but we all made it through just fine....I think.

Anything else?

The author's website shows 2 more books coming out next year early and mid 2007.
Let me know what you think about the book if you have read it...I'm curious if anyone else was a bit discombobulated by this book.


So there it is...Sandie's review from Sandie's Reads.
I would like to thank Sandie for the review and also ask, since she posed the question: Can you truly discover who you are, in a sense, find yourself, if you don't lose yourself a bit first?

And to my Readers...please visit Sandie's Review and COMMNENT because she asked for input from those who read the book to comment...so please, go, COMMENT!!

Later tonight I will be posting the next of the Twelve Days of Christmas...and trust me, you don't want to miss this! However, you must be willing to visit the links...or you will miss the BEST parts!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Roxy!
What a hawt blog!


I gave your novel a B++, that's damn near an A in my scale of grading for my book reviews.

I think if I had known that this was 1 of 6 books, I'd have gone over to the A grade for this novel.

Yes, it was a huge read but I love to read and to read a solid story.

You had asked in your post "Can you truly discover who you are, in a sense, find yourself, if you don't lose yourself a bit first?"

My answer is that everyone needs to let go...in some way, shape or fashion. I don't think I figured out who I was until I went and dealt with my dark side. Once I worked thru that, I came out a much better and wiser person, IMO.

I enjoy BDSM books so much.
I truly enjoyed yours.
I pride myself on being honest with my reviews and not just butt-kissing. Thanks for your kind words...yes, you should take my comments as compliments of the highest level. I can't wait to see more of this series and your writing.

Please feel free to swing by anytime.