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Learn To Give Head Like You Mean It, Ladies

Because some guys are real jerks...like the guy my friend is seeing...and no, I'm not naming names...but someone posted that some Dick Wad out there asked her to "kiss it" on the second date...now I'm all for fellatio...especially if the guy doesn't call his penis "It"... and when the guy doesn't ASK for it.

So this guy, on date two, would have had two strikes against him in my book just for phrasing the question the way he phrased it...

But what really got me was when she said that after 15 minutes of SERIOUS HEAD and he still didn't come...he laughed at her frustration because in his words, "I never come that way, I was just seeing how long you could last."

Okay, kick that boy to the curb! How many examples of LOSER do we need?

So...here is the directions for Fellatio from eHowToDoJustAboutEverything:
How to Give Oral Sex to a Man
eHow ExpertBy Michael Castleman A sexuality journalist and counselor since 1973, Michael has written for Playboy, Self, Ladies Home Journal, Comopolitan, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Readers Digest, and many other magazines. His latest book is Great Sex: A Man’s Guide to the Secrets of Total-Body Sensuality (Rodale)

According to Castleman the Difficulty Rating = Easy
He explains, "The term for oral sex for men is “fellatio.” It comes from the Latin, fellare, to suck. Fellatio can be profoundly symbolic. For many men, it’s the ultimate in sexual acceptance from a woman. Even when it isn’t, fellatio is an opportunity for the man to lie back and just receive pleasure, which is something many men find very arousing. Fellatio is very wet, which increases the penis’ sensitivity. And most women can be more varied and creative with their lips and tongues than with their vaginas.”

STEP 1: Start by kissing the head of his penis.
STEP 2: Next lightly part your lips and lick the head and the corona, the little ridge around the base of the head.
STEP 3: Take the head into your mouth, using your lips and tongue to caress it and the cornona--particularly the frenulum, the part of the corona on the underside of the head.
STEP 4: Eventually, move your head up and down so that your lips caress as much of the shaft as you can comfortably take in your mouth. However, the shaft is considerably less sensitive than the head, corona, and frenulum, so return frequently to these sensitive places--unless the man asks for something different.

OK, I didn't say that they were good directions...but they are step by step...and obviously written by A MAN. I had to stop with Step 4...because I really could subject you to his cure for not liking the taste, fears of swallowing, and have a sweet beverage at hand with a straw to make it TASTE better...


Theres a little secret to giving fellatio and I'm gonna share because my first husband, who preferred getting head from men, wanted me to be able to give head like a man, so he told me how to do it the right way (according to him)...
1. Don't be too gentle
2. Don't focus on the head too long or you will desensitize their most sensitive spot and then you will be there all night
3. Circle the head, licking softly, alternated with deep, powerful thrusts that "bop" the back of your throat...and if you are fighting with the gag reflex, practice with your own finger, toothbrush etc until you can swirl the back of your throat without gagging.

Still not working?
Tips from The Kama Sutra

*Licking The Penis:Start by licking his penis as if it were an ice cream cone. Hold its base with one hand and repeatedly lick upward alternating the side of the penis you lick.
*The Butterfly Flick:Flick your tongue lightly along the ridge on the underside of his penis. You may need to hold the penis at the base while you learn to do this.
*The Nominal Congress:Take his penis in your hand. Place it between your lips and move it around in your mouth.
*Biting The Sides:Cover the end of the penis with your finger tips. Then kiss and gently nibble the sides (very gently).Pressing Inside:Take his penis into your mouth. Press it with your lips and then take it out.Pressing outside:Press your lips against the end of his penis and kiss it as if drawing it out.
*Rubbing:After kissing his penis lick it all over and pass your tongue over it's end.
*Kissing:Hold his penis in your hand and kiss it as though you were kissing his lower lip.
*Sucking a Mango Fruit:Take his penis half way into your mouth. Suck on it vigorously.
*Swallowing Up:Take the whole length of the penis into your mouth as if tring to swallow it.

If you are doing it right, and yeah, it's gonna take some SERIOUS PRACTICE...any guy should be coming in less than ten minutes... especially if you STOP after the first moan, and keeping your lips near the tip if not barely touching, roll your eyes up at them, and ask sweetly, "Is this the way you like it? Or is there something else you'd like me to do? " Then lick tease the head before asking another question, like, "Do you want me to keep going?"

And remember about the liking it a little rougher part...teasing nips and bites along the shaft, inner thighs etc...will really get him warmed up, so start there.

Any Questions??

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