Call me Matchmaker

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Over at the author forum, it has been suggested that I fly to L.A. and act as matchmaker to author and friend Lila Dubois. The others have suggested a donation fund to pay for the ticket to get me there...

I think it would be a supreme personal sacrifice but for Lila I would be willing to fly to L.A., traipse through one BDSM Club after another, looking for Mr. Right so that she can get rid of the loser she's been seeing up until now once and for all.

So here's the itenerary:

Miss Kitty's Parlour Los Angeles

The Chateau Los Angeles

The Scenery San Francisco

SF Citadel, San Francisco

Where's that plane ticket??????????????????????????????????????????????


Priceless said...

OMG! You have plans and schedules! EEP!

So... if your match me up with someone and I misbehave for them will they split the punishment? Half for me and half for you, since you set them up with me?

Hmmmm iiiiiiiiiiinteresting.

"Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch..."

Mistress Jade said...

Sounds like a good plan Roxy! I would put money into that fund!

Danger said...

Watch yourself 'Mistress Jade'

I know where you sleep