Running Away

This is my car...I'm very good friends with my car, logging about 220 round trip miles per day. Some days I just want to get off my normal route and drive far, far away...
Some days...like today.
Today it didn't pay to get out of bed....and running away seems like a very viable option. At the real job I get paid on commission, and for the most part said job is highly time consuming and stress filled...but well worth it because on a big pay day I get to really relax...and relaxing is good, because when I'm relaxed...I can write. My crystal ball doesn't foretell writing in the near future....a month of work and roughly 60% of 3% of $750,000 just flew the coop...sometimes I wonder why I saw hitting a time clock as a bad thing... and then Dorie's song from Nemo pops into my head..."Just Keep Swimming..." damn Disney and their sappy, motivational songs.

On a brighter note...
I miss writing...as many of you know Book Two hit a small snag...just haven't been able to face the HEA ending...however, lately I'm not feeling as jaded as I like to believe myself to be and during the long drives my work route takes me, I'm definitely seeing possibilities for Garrett and Celia. They are actually speaking to me again after locking themselves out following our last conversation concerning their HEA ending.

I'm not real big on HEA...
However, that said, I'm actually warming to the idea and during my long drives and their windy conversations in my head, we may actually come up with a fair compromise involving their HEA and my kinky twist that takes HEA very, very far away from white picket fences. So, if and when I do get to sit seriously in front of the Sacred Secrets sequel...finishing their story may not be as difficult as I originally imagined and that is a good thing.

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