Pain Endorphins

**Eye candy has absolutely nothing to do with this post but is really nice to look at as you read:) so enjoy..
Life is so much nicer after the pain endorphins kick in...wow.

I hate to say I'd forgotten just how incredible subspace feels.

Then something insanely unexpected, amazingly appreciated, and entirely aweing happened. I slid into the dark void of total headspace with a new friend who had no idea what he was causing to happen and I was left rolling in WOW.

Now, I'm left wondering if he'd be interested in learning to play...

On another note...there are some newbie authors out there writing or contemplating writing about bdsm play and admittedly having no experience...in my opinion...it's hard to fake the emotion needed in the pov if you haven't been there yourself...how do you explain simple concepts like head space and brain orgasm if you haven't experienced it? however, that said and since you asked for research directions:
these will lead to other links...
also of interest are BDSM blogs...there are thousands....if you have doubts go to www.blogger.com and run random searches using common words: bondage, dominance, submission for starters. The nice thing about blogs is that they usually lead to other blogs.
Also run a search for local organizations...they usually have a wealth of information and if you are sincere will usually provide a mentor if you want to learn to play. Do not contact them if you do not want to play but only want to continue writing with no idea what you are writing about.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious, once again the links off your Flog Blog have left me speechless. I've never thought of myself as sheltered, but there certainly are many things I've never even thought of trying...
Novels by Darragha...a smoldering collection of sins...