So What Is On My Mind Today?

Answer: What Isn't?!

Today has been a weird day...

1) Demanding Clients
2) Writer's Block
3) Branding
4) Baby Girl went on her First Date Tonight
-as in OMF***G
-as in yes, I did get the make, model, and license plate
-as in yes, we did have the sex talk before she went out the door
--this is interesting, as in contrasting with what my parents said to me:
---Mom: Keep your pants zipped and your knees crossed at all times
---Dad: Do you know what a condom is?
-----Since there is no Dad to deal with his share of the Sex Talk, I covered both sides fairly well I think:
---Me: Don't even think about it, and if you are thinking about it at least wait until I can make an appointment to get you a script for the pill!
---Me: Do you know what a condom is?
*nice to know how little has changed in twenty-odd years!
*Is it any wonder I have writer's block?

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Suzette said...

The branding looks painful!