Not dead yet

For those of you in the know who have been worried about me since the stepping on the nail incident...I'm not dead yet...also, no obvious signs of tetanus...though I'm exhausted.

No-I did not go get the Magic Shot at the Doctor's Office.
Geesh...if I haven't been to the doctor for anything less severe than childbirth and then only because of a total lack of support from my then spouse for home delivery...there are reasons why he is the ex...so to go to a doctor for the sole sake of getting an injection... so not happening.

For my fellow non-vaccinate friends, I am taking Ledum:)
Does Ledum cause lethargy, because I am exhausted!

I know, I know, I said that already.

Of course I could just be overdoing it...
Maybe it's because I'm still working on Book 2; and it has been mentally exhausting, though honestly I'm blog surfing more since the nail incident than writing...throbbing pain is kind of a distraction, whereas looking at tied-up scantily clad darlings and the hard work of all that research time spent on how many positions a menage a troi can really get into...


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