Sign The Save The Internet Petition

Okay, I know, you aren't worried...and as much as I hate to involve my politics life in my Writier's Life...I wanted to offer the chance for you to get involved.

Here's the problem in a nutshell. Right now, my measly little blog is accessable by everyone. There is a chance that should the mega-dogs AT&T, Verizon, or pic your worst corporate enemy and paste name here...could gain control, making the internet the next big bidding war-zone for those with money to out-weigh the rest of us...making my blog IMPOSSIBLE to find. Do you want your search engines controlled? If you are unsure, ask the Chinese how they feel about it...EVERYTHING they have access to has passed through their governments censors first.

"This is America! That won't happen here." I hope to god you're right. Just to make sure, add your voice to help keep our internet free of corporate corruption. Click above link. See how easy I'm making it for you?? Also all the reading info you'l ever need on the subject posted in the orange link on the right.


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