"A Human Pet, What An Interesting Concept"

Movies have a powerful impact; they open worlds that we would not believe exist until we actually experience what is, what could be, moment by moment.

We all remember the line, "I am just a girl, looking for a boy," made famous by Julia.
Likewise, "You had me at hello," a Tom Cruise line in Jerry McGuire that was spoofed for years following. There are hundreds of such notable quotes and in fact there is even a list, for those interested AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes.

I love quotes, a quote fanatic if you will, and I am always looking for quotes that make me think..."I found a Way to love in a way that feels right." in the movie The Secretary...was like that for me. What's to say that we all have to experience love the same way?
And when the movie hit the big screen, I cheered! It was a notable day.

Another notable such day is coming...with another "kinky movie" release: The Pet...which had my attention as soon as I heard the line, "a human pet, what an interesting concept." Oh yeah the big red antennae were sticking way outta my head...I'm a sucker like that, give me a human, collared, drinking from a doggy bowl, caged...I pay attention! My next thought, was "I need more information on this movie"...a) for purely selfish reasons, I wanna go see it!!!...and b)I want to blog the hell out of it so that lots of people get to go see it! However, there seems to be some debate as to not only when but if this movie will have a release date. Worse, the blog posts I have run across have blatantly dismissed the idea of a human as a pet...if they read my book, Sacred Secret's, they might begin to imagine the pleasurable possibilities...


Xandra Gregory said...

I dunno about human pets...but I have two wild animals you can take for the afternoon. :P

I love that quote from "The Secretary" because that's what it's all about, isn't it? Finding love that feels right, no matter who you are and who your love is with.

Anonymous said...

Concerning release of the movie "The Pet,": Marcie at the production company, Tricoast, said the movie received a great reception at Cannes and they are hoping to get a distributor for it soon. She asked that if anyone is interested, they should flood Tricoasts e-mails with requests for the movie at thepetmovie@tricoast.com
so they can use the messages when they go distrubtor shopping. Also go to www.myspace.com/thepetmovie and post
messages requesting the release of the movie.
If no distributors show
an interest in the movie, they will eventually offer it for sale on
their website www.tricoast.com on dvd.

T.A.Chase said...

Another movie that you might be interested in is Unleashed starring Jet Li. It's about a boy who is raised basicly as a fighting dog. He wears a collar and when the collar is taken off, he kills people for his owner. Now I'm not sure about the violence (though there isn't a ton of it).