Why A Flog Blog?

Why a Flog Blog?

A friend asked me, “Other than the obvious, why “flog blog”?” Of course, I was then scratching my head, “Which obvious?”

Because it rhythms.

Because I write BDSM erotica.

Because I collect floggers.

Because it’s my absolute favorite toy in the world…after all, they tickle, they tease, they thud, they sting…and when in need of a good flogging, a friend can lend a helping hand, or if desperation calls, one can flog oneself as demonstrated by the Silas, the albino monk in the Da Vinci Code, though hopefully in less extreme measures(unless you really enjoy it.)

So, on that note, a flog or flogging, can take so many forms: physical, verbal, mental, emotional…and this blog is destined to explore them all in an effort to understand them. Even if it really hurts.

Comments are encouraged and if you wish to link to my blog, all I ask is that you let me know you have...don't make me come looking for you, because lovey, I have a flogger with your name on it!


Roxy Harte

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