The Era of My Daughter

Sometimes I wonder if I had been born as a child of the eighties or nineties instead of a child of the sixties, what kind of woman would I be today? Would I be a more powerful influence than I am? Would I be more able to change my world?

And then I look at my beautiful daughters and see the kind of women they are becoming. They are stronger, more outspoken, more able to stand up for what they believe in...

Tonight, my youngest came downstairs and interupted my writing (and yes, I was in the middle of creating a very HOT scene and it's difficult to break away and then go back to it, just like real life sex, my characters can have their mood broken...) but it was worth it, because she only interupts when it is something of great magnitude and I was only somewhat surprised when I learned that gushing blood or projectile vomit was not the cause for interuption but rather a music video...

Actually, my eyebrow went up and I said, this better be really good!

And it was worth the interuption, because it reminded me once again, what a wonderful, incredible daughter I have that she world share this IMPORTANT VIDEO with me...and if you are brave enough to check it out (yes, I dare you)...you will not only see why I was so proud of my daughter but proud of the generation of daughters who were raised by the women born during my generation...and I am so very proud of the women of my generation for having raised such an enlightened generation of women who are now part of The Era of my Daughter, it brought tears to my eyes.

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