Writing ... Psychological Suspense

Actually ... psychological suspense with paranormal elements.

I'm glad to finally be back on a writing "roll" - it seems like it's been forever - though its only been a couple of months. I've been backlogged with edits, and then there was the holidays, and then there were some issues with my RA... so I've been away from the blog a lot, and I've been away from writing anything new.

I've actually had a few false starts... bdsm erotica novels that never really got past the first few chapters... and I finally decided that I've put off writing this new WIP novel as long as I should. I wrote a few chapters in 2009, then went back to it for only a couple weeks in 2010...but I think about it all the time. And its interfering with my other works.

So, this week I've been focused... and it's finally taking shape...and I completed a full outline. What am I thinking? I never write from an outline!

I'm excited. I can't even put into words how writing this story makes me feel.

It's a far cry from my "normal" though ... and I've had to cut parts that seemed a little too erotic for the mass market. So, I'm probably not going to shop it around to publishing houses under the pen name Roxy Harte. That seems a bit weird...and I can only hope my readers will love the new direction.

Maybe I shouldn't even be blogging about this...its still a far cry from even being able to find it a publishing house...but its what is on my mind today. And not to worry, as soon as I get this book out of my system, I'll be back to writing as Roxy Harte!

Here's a peek into what Roxy Harte plans to write in 2011:

Soiled Dove - the sequel to Painted Lady - I loved writing historical romance and it seems time to return to it.

Hallowed Screams or Whispered Prayers, one or the other...probably not both...but definitely going to tell either Morgana or Nikos story as The Chronicles of Surrenders continue (Shhh this is a BIG, very hush, hush secret ... my publisher doesn't even know I'm thinking about this.... ) but I don't know if I'll ever run out of story ideas for this series. I don't want to run it into the ground but these people really do live in my head, and when they start shouting at me to tell their stories... right now Morgana and Nikos are fighting for my attention, but I keep telling them "Not Yet!"

After that - big question mark - I have twelve false starts sitting idle on my laptop - hopefully one of them will nudge me to finish them!

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Roxy Harte said...

still writing...stalled for a few days at about chapter two...but as I begin chapter three, hopefully that is all behind me. This is not the easiest book ever written.