YOU'RE INVITED Now Available

So excited about todays release from Loose-Id to celebrate National Coming Out Day!
With so much bullying going and political soapboxing going on about homosexuality...it now seems more important
than ever to stand up and speak out about what's right... LGBT equality should be a number one priority for all of us!

I've never hidden my bisexuality from my friends and family but sometimes it feels like LGBT supporters forget about the B in the middle, like its somehow less relevant or important.... it isn't. Bullying and prejudices happen to all of us who are different from societies "norm" and it's past time to make DIVERSITY the norm!
On a lighter note...here's the blurb!

 Twenty-year-old hottie Bryce Jordan studies hard, plays Lacrosse, and juggles the ladies. He’s the envy of every man on campus, as much for his athletic body as for the different blonde on his arm every Friday night. He seems to have the world by the…
So, why is his best friend Stanley suddenly not speaking to him? And why does it matter so much? He gets to make amends but all goes awry when he receives a “Coming Out Party” invitation from his eccentric Aunt Tacky, who entertains at the drag club downtown spoofing celebrity meltdowns. He has no intention of going until Stanley holds their friendship hostage and insists on attending with him as his “guest.”
Unbeknown to Bryce, everyone has acknowledged his homosexuality except him, and the party was conspired between Aunt Tacky and Stanley to help him face the truth. After a light hearted game of spin the champagne bottle lands Stanley and Bryce in the closet, Bryce finally admits he’s been hiding the truth too long. If their friendship survives the night, Stanley and Bryce might just become more than best friends.
But at what cost?
You can buy YOU'RE INVITED or Read an excerpt HERE.

**Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/m), erotic asphyxiation, voyeurism.

Cover Art by Justin James

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