Chronicles of Surrender Reviews

The Chronicles of Surrender are really getting some great press lately...yay! Here are a few selections from the latest round of reviews:

Manic Readers Alex JouJou said, "First if you have not read the first two books in the series: Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations you must do so now. Do not stop. Do not pass go. Just collect the riches that come with the two that came before and hang on for the ride of your life! ... Book #3 is a departure in the series—being much more focused on Frye and his past as well as his future. Since he was the character I was majorly in lust with from the first two books I eagerly awaited what new treats were in store for me (and Kitten) in Unholy Promises. The action is sharp and taut—bowstring tight ... I’ve often read online that Roxy Harte writes BDSM erotica with a lens of examining the emotional and mental aspects of these types of relationships and I can say she does it extremely well. She is amongst the best writing in this area of the genre today. She will throw you far and fast past all your hard limits—and you’ll like it. It seems as if every scene has even more emotional impact than the last. Plus the sex. Oh. My. God the sex. Mind blowing."

You can books from the series directly from Lyrical Press in either ebook or print: Roxy Harte at Lyrical Press

From Whipped Cream Erotic Romance, "Echo of Redemption...The “play” really took precedence in this story even over the sex which I found fascinating. It definitely gave me a better insight on what a BSDM relationship can be. So if you are a true BDSM lover this would be a good series to look into."

Of course I love the reviews... so excited to finally be getting some recognition for this series after all the years of hard work.

What I love even more are my the reactions my readers share with me!
Just this week Danielle posted on her Facebook status:

"Just got the 4th book in the Chronicles of Surrender!!! Echo of Redemption will be going to work with me tonight and entertaining me."


and the next day:

"Has contemplated strangling a certain author... It is not good for me to get THIS wrapped around a book series.. especially when its still in progress and I have to wait for the next one! The book that I am currently reading is Echo of Redemption by the beautiful and talented Roxy Harte... it is the 4th in her "Chronicles of Surrender" and she is driving me flipping nutz!"

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