Live Earth Run/Walk...

Yesterday we attended the 6K DOW Run/Walk to raise money and awareness for people in Africa and around the world who have to walk 6K everyday for their clean drinking water.

The event  took place over the course of 24 hours in 150 countries, featuring concerts and water education activities to ignite a massive global movement to help solve the water crisis.

 Daughter Kiya and friend Callie ran, I chauffeured, provided moral support and walked around the park enjoying the beauty along the river...

What a great day.
So many people with such positive energy to share:)

Imagine having to search for clean water...makes me so grateful all I have to do is turn on my tap...

It isn't too late to help, if you are interested in donating:

Give now to help bring clean water to people around the world! Your donation will go to Global Water Challenge, a coalition of leading organizations working together to save lives by providing clean drinking water and sanitation. Currently, dirty water kills more children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Yet these deaths are completely preventable. The solutions are known and they’re inexpensive. $25 gives one classroom full of children clean water for a year – keeping kids healthy and in school. $25 is all it takes to provide a person with clean drinking water from a well. For more information about Global Water Challenge, please visit:http://www.globalwaterchallenge.org.

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