Not Sure I'm A Fan Yet...

Sunday night has once again become a television night, thanks to HBO. First up, True Blood, and I admit to being a hard core addict. Don't even think about coming between me and the television while it is airing...the result would be bad.

A new show debuted this last Sunday night, directly following Sookie and Bill, called HUNG. It's about Ray (Thomas Jane) a well-endowed high-school teacher forced by debt to become a gigolo. I'm not sure I'm going to be a big fan. The side kick, a poet and past lover, Tanya, played by Jane Addams, is thus far my favorite character. She's a little flaky, skinny, and is fairly cheeky.

So here's my problem...if HBO would have made the story about a female teacher, trying to survive the economic times, doing the dirty for money on the side, it wouldn't be a show. In this country a female sex worker is still seen as the dredge of society; but twist that plot and make it a male teacher with a big dick and suddenly it's marketable. Yep, I'm having issues...

Will I watch Episode Two? Yep, if only to see where this train wreck is heading. I hope it surprises and delights me. I'm not counting on it though. If you didn't see it, here's a link to what TIME had to say, courtesy of an email from Susan.

And if you don't have HBO but you want to see what the fuss is about:
Watch True Blood Season Two (rent season One first -- its on video) at:
Watch Hung's premier episode for free at: www.watchhungonline.org

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