Throwing More Confetti!

Yesterday, I received another acceptance letter in my email! This time from Samhain for my F/F working title piece Porn Star. (The title of which I've been asked to change to something else. Which is okay. I'm not necessarily attached to the title.)

Honestly, I'd given up. They'd had it for awhile (since August 2008) and I'd made revisions (around Christmas) and resubmitted with no word.

I was worried to the point of querying a few other publishers to see if they'd like to see it and got the same standard reply...not really interested in F/F because it doesn't sell as well.

You will notice the photo I attached to this post, a M/F/F menage...which even though the story is not a menage, the blonde in the middle (my pornstar) is in love with both a man and a woman. I swear, my friend Susan must have some psychic connection because this photo was in my email this morning when I woke up:) And it is perfect.

Well, readers...
I hope you help me prove the critiques of female bisexual and lesbian erotic romance wrong! I know there is an audience! I know there is. So, it's going to be up to us to get the word out! Who's with me?

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It sounds good to me.