Healing The World Through Sex Toys...

I'm taking a break from tooting my own horn to bring your attention to a site I stumbled across: Mominatrix, Banging Out Sex Advice who is holding a survey today titled: Sexual favors for a Father's Day Gift -- hot or not?

I know, really, how do I find these sites?

Anyway, aside from a few articles that were amusing, a few that bordered on eww, or eek, which for me is saying something, I ran across her article, Heal The World Through Sex Toys, the idea may or may not eek you out. After some flat humor about the economy and the viability of affording a new dildo (possibly stealing the PB&J from your kids mouth) **hey, she said it, not me** she finally got to the point of the article which was a push for Sex Toys for Kids.

Get your mind out of the gutter, people.

Sex Toys for Kids was started by a parent who wanted to make a difference for kids in Malipampang, Phillipines, Sex Toys for Kids uses commissions from a group of popular sex shops, including Babeland (a Mominatrix fave) to help provide elementary aged children with an education. Instead of collecting donations, the site asks you to shop via their links which allows your store to track your purchase and give anywhere from 7% to 30% of it to Sex Toys for Kids.

I admit, I eeked at their company name. However, after going to their site and reading their tagline: "An educated child, another and another...can make a difference. Not only for them but also for the people around them." I was nodding in agreement.

Plus, according to their site, 20% of a $25. purchase goes to ST4K. Which translates to (in their economy and again quoted from the ST4K site): "...enough to send a child to school and give him/her ten to twenty pisos allowance to eat and snack while attending school for one to two weeks."

Sex Toys For Kids has partnered with: Ashleys Sex Toys, Babeland, Discreet Romance, Eden Fantasys, and Good Vibrations.

All I'm saying is, the next time you need the next drop dead gorgeous, top of the line, 24-setting dual vibrator, check one of these companies first. 'Cause if you are going to lay out $200. for all the bells and whistles (and a silent motor) maybe $40. of that should go toward a kid in need.

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