Holy Crapola, It's A BEAR!

I just heard a black bear was sited just miles from where I live!
This is crazy!
I didn't even know black bears were ever seen in Ohio until I googled to see if the bear sighting rumors were a prank. The video shows a real bear!
And it's hit the news!

The local news is calling him "Buckeye the Bear"

So, I call Sir Hotness to tell him...because this is really exciting news to me...I think black bears were last seen in any numbers in Ohio in the 1800's! But after googling I found that several bear sightings are reported every year...

News to me. Not to Sir Hotness. In his words, "Baby, you thought coyotes were only seen out west until we moved." Smartass...yes, there are coyotes in our backyard every night. Again. Who knew? Not me.

The most surprising thing was how fast this bear seems to be moving, supposedly covering three counties in two days. Just where does he think he's going? And why?

And if I take the grandbabies hiking, do I now have to worry about running into a black bear? And I thought my biggest worry was the strange old man who seems to be always walking his dogs every time I'm at the park and seems WAY TOO CHATTY...

FYI, for local readers of the blog:
Black bears are an endangered species in Ohio and hunting them is illegal...
Do not call 911 if you see the bear, but do call the local police non-emergency number to report the sighting because his movements are being tracked.

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