Escapee Dogs!

Don't you just love it when you are all set to work (in my case type sexy hot stories) and a case of All Hell Breaks Loose sets a new course of events into action? Yesterday was a grey, rainy day and the dogs were playing in the living room, my daughter kissed me on the cheek goodbye before taking off on the first day of summer mayhem with friends...

And I look out my window to find my dog Jazzi running across the back yard and into the farmers field behind the house...
And I think "that's strange"...
Then there was the "Oh shit moment."

How did you get out of the house?
Followed by "where's Petey?" (the obstinant male dog)

You guessed it. Already across the farmers field and headed straight for the ponds. If you live in the country, you are probably scratching your heads thinking, "So?" Which we kind of live in the country ... if lots of fields count...but we also have a main road out front with lots of traffic. And both of my dogs are mostly indoor dogs which are kept on a lead at all times when outdoors.

So my heart was in my throat because unlike the good little Lassies that come when they are called on television shows, when my dogs get a whiff of freedom they shoot off like a bat out of hell...and the harder you chase, the faster they run.

Of course not realizing the implications of giving chase, I grabbed the leash and took off through the rain and mud after the dogs... twenty minutes later I gave up the chase and returned home angry and defeated...and worried "now what?" with the hope they might come home on their own because I'd lost sight of them when they hit the thistle thicket.

Having left the back door open, I was only slightly surprised to find two wet, muddy dogs waiting for me and dripping on my laminant floor...I can only assume they ran the ravine home.

They were rewarded with cheese (their favorite) and a long walk in the rain:)
Jazzi and Petey, looking much more innocent than they truly are...

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