Two Days until EDGE!

In the story Voyeur, my readers met Autumn and Jonas and Michael, learning that Jonas is a clinically diagnosed sadist who really likes to play on the edge, but tempers his need for "more" by taking photographs to keep things slow enough for him to remain rational...safe...if not completely sane.

In the follow-up story Edge, the level of play gets even more dangerous.

What is it about playing on the physical edge that lies between life and death? Suffocation, knife play, gun play?

You might not have even looked at it that way before, certainly you would never play with guns or knives, right? But have you ever drawn your lovers hands to circle your throat? Just a little pressure at the right moment? Just a little...

THat moment when you are walking the edge of orgasm and being suddenly unable to breath kicking you over the precipice of the best damn orgasm you've ever had...

I love playing on the edge.
I have really enjoyed writing this story...
In two more days you can let me know if you enjoy reading it;)

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