Set Goals High

Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time reworking all the plot points and world events for my paranormal and after brainstorming with Sir Hotness my brain felt like it was imploding...

In a panic I called Xandra and said, "Maybe I should just write another erotica, put this on the back burner." and she said, "Don't you dare."

I woke up feeling much more optimistic and then read my horoscope:

Friday, Apr 24th, 2009 -- Today's pragmatic New Moon in your 1st House of Personality enables you to accomplish so much that you might surprise yourself. It's not just that you are able to sustain a high level of production; it's that you won't be dissuaded by anyone's argument. Your well-known stubbornness is a positive attribute now that enables you to overcome significant obstacles. Set your goals high and follow through with unwavering determination.

So, I am going to let what is in my head percolate awhile longer...not because I want to but because today is going to be a jam packed day. Doctor appointment this a.m. and a track meet (invitational) later this afternoon.

I'm excited...so excited that this paranormal is already becoming a trilogy.
I just need to get started now.

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