Edge Is Coming! Countdown Four Days!

You fell in love with Autumn, Jonas, and Michael in Voyeur...
And now their relationship gets really edgy.

Their play is dark and dangerous, and for one sadism isn't a game at all…it's an illness.

Atlanta attorney A.J. Blessings has it all going for her, a new law office with a solid client base, two men who love her and friends who envy her her men; however…

When her lover Michael starts to see another and she is left solely to the care of her sadist, play gets a little more dangerous, and when she starts topping her sadist from below, chaos ensues as the strength of the ménage is tested.

When it is announced that her father, a man she hasn’t seen since she was a child, is to be announced as the next Prime Minister, paparazzi descends on her life, making her every move front page news.

When a client is killed and the killer starts stalking her, Autumn turns to her men for protection, turning already tense relations into razor sharp emotional implements of torture.

Too stressed for words, Autumn flees to her childhood home.

Amidst the sunny, idyllic backdrop of the white sand and azure waters of the Bahamas, mystery hides within the shanty ruins and shackle remnants of a long-forgotten slave enclosure. The whispered secrets of half forgotten memories hold the secret of what really caused her parents to separate but self-discovery collides with danger when the killer shows up in paradise, but keeping her physically safe, sketchy at best, takes a back-seat to the emotional rollercoaster of having her father arrive on the island as well…

But the greater journey lies in the darkness calling to her soul as the ménage struggles to reunite…

EDGE will be available from Loose-Id at midnight April 14th.
If you haven't yet read Voyeur, you have four days before the naughtiness continues!

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