The contract for Reaper is signed, sealed and delivered.
I'm excited about this one because it shows a different side of Roxy Harte...
Hopefully a side of me you will be seeing a lot more of in the future.
I'll let you know a release date as soon as I have one...

Edits are done on Edge (maybe one more round after test readers have at it but all in all...I'm thinking about done). Release date is looking like May. I know, I wish it was sooner too...but like fine wine...it all takes time.

Today I am writing.
And for those of you who emailed, thank you for your concern, daughter is doing better after going to two different doctors in as many days and finally getting the correct treatment from the second one.

Hoping to add photos later today (maybe early tomorrow) of the mixed medias I did.
Very exciting...

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