My New Home Page...

My internet browser used to open to AOL...but I was spending too much time reading the articles...so I switched to MSNBC...but as an out of work real-estate agent and mood-dependent erotica writer I got rid of it as fast as I loaded it because it was too damn depressing. For the last month I have been opening to Google Mail. No distraction. No depression.

Life has been good.
I'm writing a lot.

Today I ran across a new site and I was so entertained, I've made it my new home page. Now, going in, I know this is a big mistake. I am probably going to lose an hour of productive writing time every morning. I don't care. (Sure, I say that now...my biggest mistakes in life have followed the "I don't care" response.)

It's a home page.
How much trouble can it cause?

I know...I've stroked your curiosity right?
The site is CarnalNation.com

I loved this post...because...you know it happens...

"Hey, where'd the condom go?"

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