Guest Blogging Today!

I have been invited to blog at The Erotic Muses today! How exciting! I hope you will stop by and say hello!! ...Okay, I'll bribe you...I posted an excerpt! (An excerpt with an ORGASM!) So hurry...go now! Do not miss the excitement:)

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Roxy Harte said...

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Lisa Andel said...
This is why we love you.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us Roxy.

February 09, 2009

Lakota said...
ROXY!!!! Heyya girlfriend! One of the things i've always adored about you is that you fearlessly explore the darker aspects of erotica, taking us from the steamy bedroom into the shadows where all sorts of interesting things happen. :D Have i ever mentioned I started studying and looking into BDSM because of your initial influence? Thanks for posting this and i do so look forward to reading your newest book! Love ya - Kota

February 09, 2009