Chronicles of Surrender Celebration Week...Continues

The question for YOU...
Who is my favorite character to write?

A question from ME: Why the hard questions? These are almost impossible to answer!

Okay...I love Jackie...I dream of the day she gets her own story:)
Haven't met Jackie yet? She makes appearances in all three Chronicles of Surrender as Garrett's MtoF transgendered best friend. Imagine 6'6" Cocoa-skinned, loud, opinionated, hormonal, clothing fetish, shoe fetish, wig fetish...in love with Garrett, in hate with Lord Fyre, who has a poodle-boy as a pet and an entourage of a dozen or more flaming gay men...did I mention a career?...I don't know that she has one other than being a personality...like Paris Hilton except with an adam's apple and a bigger cup size...

* * *

I've also been dwelling on yesterday's question...
I think each book had a favorite moment in a scene:

Remember when Garrett bought Celia at auction?

Or when he introduced her to the idea of pretending to be a cat?

Remember when Lord Fyre caught Celia using the cell phone without permission?

Or when he stayed on the phone talking to Celia while she fell asleep?

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