Sir Hotness is Home!!

I'm not dreaming...he's home...and he'll be home for an entire week.
How do I know that I'm not dreaming?
The house smells like bacon...and coffee...neither of which happens if it is me, home alone. Trust me...I'm not complaining.

Eggs, bacon, pancakes...I'm in heaven. I wish their was a scent feature on blogger so that you could smell what I am smelling right now...mmmmmmm.
And tonight...he's making his famous lasagna. I married this man, in part, because of his lasagna making skills.

I may have lost seventeen pounds since August...but in the next seven days...I'll probably gain it all back if our first morning together is any indication;)

I also had hot tea waiting for me when I opened my eyes. I'm telling you, this man is a keeper. I'm so glad he's mine.

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