Posting at Femme's Guide Today

I posted last night at the Femme's Guide to Absolutely Everything about how I see myself...Femme, Bisexual...and that those "labels" I have come to own are but a small part of who I am...and how those labels are constrictive...

DominaDoll commented, "Labels like boxes can be confining. As humans we are continually growing and changing. Human sexuality and gender is so complex that it can be a hindrance to be stuck on self-defining labels and not allow for all the nuances/dichotomies of who we are. I also believe you are right that it is others who want to put labels on us and define us, pin us down, so-to-speak."

Exactly what I was trying to say...

Stop by and read the post and please add your two cents! I love to hear what other people are thinking and feeling!

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