Friday, Saturday, Sunday...Unholy Day...Mark your calendars!!

If you are new to the Chronicles of Surrender, you should know that Unholy Promises is Book Three of the Chronicles of Surrender...which means you officially have three days to get caught up on the story line...because it really is an ongoing saga.

Yes, you can start with Book 3...because it is a stand alone...

You will miss how it all began in Sacred Secrets when journalist Celia Brentwood went undercover and was auctioned as a sex slave at Lewd Larry's BDSM Nightclub....and was purchased by club owner Garrett Lawrence. She came to be called Kitten...she became obsessed with Garrett...and the journey began.

I remember the day author Darragha Foster sent me an email, madder than hell because Garrett had treated Celia inhumanely by denying her coffee...she'd stopped reading mid-chapter...and I emailed her back saying, shouldn't you reserve judgment at least until you finish the book? I think I can safely say that Darragha is now a fan in addition to a friend...

You will miss how Celia found her "Darkness" in Sacred Revelations with Lord Fyre.

How many emails did I receive after the first readers read chapter one? Poor Kitten...Poor, poor Kitten. So many readers hated Lord Fyre after chapter one...and by the end of Revelations...they wrote begging for more of him!

And now with Unholy Promises, officially Lord Fyre's book, the requests for More...More...More... will be answered.

What is it about Lord Fyre?
You tell me!

Any one who comments about their love/hate relationship with Lord Fyre will be entered to win a copy of Unholy Promises as soon as it is released!


Y said...

i can't wait! i have loved Lord Fyre from the start, but (as i know i have told you before *grin*)my favorite scene with him was the one on the beach in the storm!! What a great scene!

Sandra Martin said...

I fell in love with Lord Fyre in Sacred Secrets. The scene where he grabs Kitten by the throat and pulled her from the pantry where she was hiding to make a phone call gave me chills. At the time I read it I thought, wow, what wasted potential. This man should be the lead character. For me, even though he only had a few descriptive sentences though the entire story and a couple dozen lines of dialogue, he stole the show.

Now, he has his own book? An entire book? I'm giddy with anticipation and over the weekend, I am rereading both Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations.

If I had a single wish, it would be to have this series in print so that I could put it with my collection of other favorite writers on my bookshelf because as far as I'm concerned you really do deserve equal billing with my other favorite series writers, including Laurell K Hamilton, Diana Gabaldon, and Kim Harrison.

Good Luck to you and your career Roxy Harte and I hope the projects you started on 8-8-8 take you to stardom.