Surfing Net...Should Be Writing

How's come when I wake up highly motivated to write, I can't just open my laptop and WRITE?! Oh no, couldn't be that easy...because I feel like I should at least check my email (and the news). I mean, who knows what might have happened in the world during the five and a half hours I was sleeping?

Then once the email is opened and I've scanned the news, it's like Pandora's Box...I can't stop myself...I'm off to Twitter and Myspace, You Tube and TRS Blue...and then a round of blog checks to see what everyone else has been up to in the five and a half hours I was sleeping (Keeping in mind that this is the repeat of the insanity from right before I fell asleep)

Am I the only one?
Are we all clearly addicted?

Anyway...from You Tube...trust me at 2:30a.m. This was hilarious...

Also a serious subject, so ladies just in case your guy isn't checking his own balls...maybe you could lend a helping hand...just a thought.

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