The New E in Erotica

There is an article at Publisher's Weekly that anyone and everyone interested in E-books, E-publishing, and E-erotica especially needs to read.

I never thought that a mainstream publisher would actually come out and admit that the erotica writer's found in the emerging e-erotica industry are STELLAR WRITERS! So, I love this quote!
Quote begins here: or Read entire article Here

"The consumers were far ahead of me,” says Kate Duffy, editorial director at Kensington, which launched its erotica imprint, Aphrodisia, in 2006. “For years I thought of e-publishing as something people did because they couldn't publish with us. But then we started seeing all of these stellar talents that had first been e-published. It wasn't that the books were in any way inferior—that was my prejudice. It was a different way of accessing consumers, and it would behoove me to investigate.”

Of course I commented at the end of the article. I think we all should.

YES! E-Erotica Authors are stellar talents and it is about time the publishing world decided to take notice!

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