Sex Is Everywhere...Church Included

Just when I thought the uproar in Texas had died down...comes this report:
Polygamy Grows despite Shocking Arrests which is actually an old story (my link takes you to the original) but that is making the Internet reruns...
Quote starts here: "For all that attention, it appears the number of people in polygamist communities has actually increased. Polygamist marriages have been growing steadily since the 1800s, says Mary Batchelor, acting director of Principle Voices, a nonprofit group that advocates for Utah decriminalizing polygamy. She says most polygamists are living within the general population.

"You wouldn't be able to tell them apart from anyone else," she says. (Roxy thought...maybe it's just the pastel dresses and fifteen children clinging to the women's legs but I think I'd notice...oh, maybe she's talking about the non-religious polygamy...where the relationships are based on the fun of sex and not the baby making.)

There is no census data on polygamy, but Principle Voices estimates that there are 37,000 people, including children, who live in polygamy in the western United States and British Columbia. That's up from 30,000 in 2000, according to the group's informal survey of fundamentalist groups and independent fundamentalist families."
(Okay, the article is disclaiming that there are all kinds of polygamists running around the US...) more article quote: "There are also Christian and Muslim polygamists in the United States, along with immigrants from places where polygamy is common, such as certain areas of Africa and some Islamic countries."

Now fighting back, a religious view that claims that hot sex is what God really intended...and of the monogamous kind as reported here: Christians Promote Holy Hot Sex In Marriage

I'll let you go there and check it out...there were just too many quotable quotes...

For those of you following the Chronicles of Surrender, you will know that I address the issue of religious based sexual guilt through Celia's eyes...there are just so many sexual taboos...so much sexual guilt...can any of us ever say we've sparred of guilt every time we've had sex and it drifted from what we might have considered "normal?"

I can see why the preacher who had the sermon titled "Make You Marriage Sizzle" is attracting new, younger crowds...

But still, for me...there's a bit of a flaw...because many times from somewhere in the back of my head comes the voice saying, "You can't do THAT!" I wonder if that is God or my mother talking????

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