Why Did I Go There?

Sometimes I get directed to a thread where a broiling controversial argument is brewiing...because I am usually pretty vocal in my beliefs--and the administrator thinks, "Gee, wouldn't it be fun to get Roxy in on this?"

Oh yeah...great fun...
Yesterday there was a post at Leslie Carbone's blog about the recent decision in California to recognise Gay Marriage...which obviously, I support...and obviously drew the attention of those who do not support it...

You got it, I dived In with both feet...
This is my latest comment (of several volleys back and forth) so if you'd like to jump in with a comment of your own...feel free to join us over at LC's:

This comment is directed at JAB in response to his comment:
Your main argument seems to be "it has always been this way so why change it" and that just isn't an argument. If one single example of gay marriage cannot be given,it is because gay marriage has never been recognized by the state; however, there are many instances of long-term gay/lesbian unions throughout history.

The argument that it has always been could have also been used in the fight against civil liberties. Based on your stance in this thread I can only assume that you would vote for the return of slavery, to appeal Roe vs Wade, and to deny the voting rights of women.

To deny that gay marriage is a civil liberty is ludicrous.

Because you keep referencing "pedophilia, incest, bestiality, polygamy, polyandry, groups, and mentally disabled" I can only assume that you have a lot of other issues and you are trying to lump perversions such as pedophilia and incest, and the fetish of bestiality into the same classification as non-perversion relationships ie polygamists and polyandrists. How these groups and the mentally disabled came to be involved in this discussion is beyond me. Also, the polygamist relations of Muslims and Fundamentalist Mormons might have been better cited as a separate thread.

The only real target of conversation on this thread should be the celebration of the recent California ruling supporting Gay/Lesbian Marriage or the counter argument that the ruling was somehow faulty. Obviously, I support Gay/Lesbian Marriage. You do not...

The argument that "It has always been this way throughout history" just doesn't work for me and thank goodness that there are many more than me who see a new future for our country (since this is not just a California issue) that includes civil liberties for all.

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