Dancing To Create Energy?

On a lighter note...Dance Clubs...

Now, I know, you like me, went straight to the vision of shiny metal poles and naked girls when you read the headlines this morning about the club based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who opened a dance club that was GREEN, using all recycled materials...however; the real story lies in how researchers could take this one step further with the further development of vibration technology...read the story. A vibration powered floor, what a concept...no, they haven't taken it that far yet. Seems it takes a lot of dancing feet to create energy...Watch the video.
And, another thing, I know I complain a lot...especially about the US involvement in Iraq and the current President in office, but did you know???
According to BBC News: US leads search for climate solutions
In the second of a series examining California's "green revolution", the BBC News website's Sam Wilson reports from San Jose on how the state is at the forefront of innovation in clean technology.
So, I guess we're at least doing something...
Check out this Energy Saver, Solar Tower in Spain...wowzah
And just to note, China, who has most of it's citizens still living in a Rural Poverty striken nightmare has had an increase of CO2 emmissions of 9% compared to a 1.4% rise in the US. So ask yourself why. This report clearly blames the fact on the US and our Western need for more stuff... I promised a lighter blog today so come to your own conclusions...

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