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Title: A Chronicle of Surrender: Sacred Revelations
Author: Roxy Harte
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publisher URL: lsbooks.com
ISBN: 1-59578-326- 1
Reviewer: Suni Farrar

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: H

Celia loves her current Master, Garrett Lawrence. However, she does not feel that he can help her complete her journey of self-discovery. Thomas Stephanopolis, better known as Lord Fyre, does not know the meaning of the word boundary. He plans to take Celia places that no one could. She just hoped that Garrett still loved her when it was over.

When I began reading A Chronicle of Surrender: Sacred Revelations I thought, I'm in way over my head. With the exception of one or two authors my experience with BDSM novels bordered on vanilla. The novel shocked and horrified before I reached page ten. I just knew the story was not going to sit well on my stomach and then Ms. Harte proved me wrong. She convinced me through her emotionally and spiritually complicated characters. Making my way through Celia's life was like playing a game of red light green light. I never knew what would be revealed next. It was no wonder bondage became her coping mechanism. As for Garrett and Thomas, I did not get all of their stories, but what was revealed was powerful. Garrett intrigued me; if he were real, I would consider giving him a tumble. However, Thomas could forget it. The man was too much for me. In addition, if you are not seriously into BDSM, he should not be your first introduction. Believe me when I say, you have to be strong if you plan to tangle with A Chronicle of Surrender: Sacred Revelations. Yet, I say without pause that it was worth the struggle. Once I adjusted myself to the theme and the characters became more real, I could not put the story down. The extremely steamy sex scenes were an added bonus. My mind was already stimulated; the sex got my other juices flowing. The story could easily rate higher, but for me reading this tale was not about sex. It was about healing. Ms. Harte wrote a fine novel. One I would gladly recommend.

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Don't suppose you'd have a review copy for a humble podcaster who would shamelessly promote your book all over the place?