Are You A Sex Addict?

I'm sure that someone in my reading audience is tittering at this very moment, but I am assured by highly educated professionals that this problem is a rising concern in America (I'm blaming the government...) and especially Houston, Texas (isn't this the town where you can go to jail for agreeing to anal?)...(okay, I'll try to keep my smart-ass comments under control and you can read the article for yourself to decide if the increase in Sexual Addiction is as alarming as the Highly Educated Professionals want us to believe...

I also want to apologize to those individuals who are sincerely addicted to sex and are trying to overcome this problem with the Sex Addicts Twelve Step Program...because it is not my intent to cause you any more pain--I on the other hand embrace my addiction and choose to not seek the help of professionals at this time.

You too can take the Sex Addicts Test to see if you are in serious trouble: (If you answer YES to any of these questions it is advised that you seek medical help immediately.)

1. Do you keep secrets about your sexual or romantic activities from those important to you? Do you lead a double life?
2. Have your needs driven you to have sex in places or situations or with people you would not normally choose?
3. Do you find yourself looking for sexually arousing articles or scenes in newspapers, magazines, or other media?
4. Do you find that romantic or sexual fantasies interfere with your relationships or are preventing you from facing problems?
5. Do you frequently want to get away from a sex partner after having sex? Do you frequently feel remorse, shame, or guilt after a sexual encounter?
6. Do you feel shame about your body or your sexuality, such that you avoid touching your body or engaging in sexual relationships? Do you fear that you have no sexual feelings, that you are asexual?
7. Does each new relationship continue to have the same destructive patterns which prompted you to leave the last relationship?
8. Is it taking more variety and frequency of sexual and romantic activities than previously to bring the same levels of excitement and relief?
9. Have you ever been arrested or are you in danger of being arrested because of your practices of voyeurism, exhibitionism, prostitution, sex with minors, indecent phone calls, etc.?
10. Does your pursuit of sex or romantic relationships interfere with your spiritual beliefs or development?
11. Do your sexual activities include the risk, threat, or reality of disease, pregnancy, coercion, or violence?
12. Has your sexual or romantic behavior ever left you feeling hopeless, alienated from others, or suicidal?

If you wish to find a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting near you.

Now, I do agree that if you are suicidal you should seek medical help immediately or call the hotline now (1-800-SUICIDE) and talk to someone, NOW... but really if the test is to determine if you are a SEX ADDICT shouldn't this test be harder?

Because I really don't feel like I have issues even though I answered yes to more than one...anyone else agree?


Maria said...

I answered yes to a couple of questions but I certainly don't think I need help. I feel I've embraced my sexuality. Just because my preferences don't conform to society's norms doesn't mean I need help.

Roxy Harte said...

Exactly! I think the Sex Addict Quiz needs revamped...

have a great weekend, Maria!