Wedding Questions

Planning a wedding isn't easy...and to be honest, you think I'd be a pro by now with two walks down the aisle behind me. But no, not easy. What does the girl wear third time around? And isn't the wedding REALLY all about the dress? So, leather bodice and white lace skirt? or maybe black satin?

I'm beginning to think eloping may be in order...or at the very least a quick five minutes before a justice of the peace and call it a day. Not very romantic, but then, the real romance is after the ceremony anyway, isn't it?

I'm more about the honeymoon than the walk down the aisle...give me a pool side room anywhere tropical, a few cutesy, frozen drinks with itty bitty umbrellas and a sexy man to rub oil on my back...yeah, that's the romantic part...throw in a few nipple clamps, a flogger, vibrating dildos and a cockring and suddenly the honeymoon is heaven on earth.

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