Too Damn Busy For Sex

Priceless's comment about always being at work (and my own workaholic nature) made me think of a recent article I read at the BBC News Link...titled, "No Sex Please, We're Too Busy."

Yes, when I saw the title, I snorted...thinking of the lengths I go to in order to ensure that I do occasionally have wild, crazy, insane, tie me up and do wicked things to me sex...talk about planning...

But then, I started thinking, what about the everyday quickie, or every other weekend lock myself and committed other in a room for 24/7 sexcapades until the wee hours of Monday morning makes us realize that we have to sleep if we're to function at all on the job (or decide quickly if we're calling off sick to make it an even longer sexcapade weekend?)

Sure, the long-distance relationship with Sir Hotness has improved my sex life DRAMATICALLY ... and he's an hour and a half away ... but what was I doing before Sir Hotness?

Absolutely Nothing!
Unless work classifies...
And then, I could say...10, 12, 14 hr days of 7 days a week on the job excitement...ew-eeeeee!

Sorry, not good enough...girl likes orgasms, multiple orgasms, and sadly my job doesn't provide those as a fringe benefit. So, why are we so quick to say yes to extra hours when it's not only cutting into our eatting, sleeping, showering time but also OUR WILD, CRAZY MONKEY SEX TIME???????????

The BBC reported, "Today's women have less sex than their 1950s counterparts, say researchers."

Okay, this is too wrong for words...I am potentially having less sex than MY MOTHER?!
Pleeeeease! Tell me it isn't so!

The BBC also reported, "Researchers from the Kinsey Institute said women now have less time for sex. They found that 42% of women who cohabit with male partners have sex two or three times a week. This compares to just one in three married women."

So what does THAT mean? Single, I'm having sex 2 or 3 times a week but married I have only a one in three shot at having sex three times a week? What do the other two out of three get? By the doomsday reporting thus far, I'm betting LESS? And here, I'm in a rush to get married so that I can have MORE...because yeah, I'm greedy like that. I think it's every girls right to have sex three times A DAY...EVERY DAY! Are you listening Sir Hotness? Because Less isn't happening and I do have a flogger to make sure I get my way;)

However, Skyler Grey, pointed out by sending me this photo the other day...that I don't need a flogger to get my way...

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