Thank Goddess Iguanas Have Two Penises and other strange sex-y stories from this week's news

There is an Iguana in Antwerp who is about to have one of his two penises amputated as an effort to save his life. It seems the poor fellow was jilted by his lover pre-ejaculation and has been dragging his very hard erection through the dirt ever since (over a week).

Other, strangely sexual in nature stories filled the internet highways this morning? I should ask Dar how the planets are aligning...it may portend a very frisky upcoming honeymoon weekend for me! We can hope! Read the rest of what what happening when you weren't really paying attention...

In Saratoga, California there is a serial exhibitionist roaming the woods, running nude much to the surprise of the hikers and equestrians who have crossed his path over the last year and a half that he has been "streaking". He is described as "Polite","frumpy. Plain. Not in good physical shape. It's not a pretty sight" and "with dark hair, sweaty red skin and lack of body hair, (making him easily recognizable)" So I guess the answer is if you are going to be an exhibitionist in California...get a tan and get some muscles because being polite isn't going to get you anywhere.

In Yonkers, NY a teacher has been barred from teaching his students. It seems he was a little too exhuberant teaching and has been reduced to administrative duties until the superintendent can arrange to have the Board of Trustees to fire him. His crime, having seventh graders draw penises on the chaulkboard during an anatomy/sexuality class. One parent complained.

A researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University may have to halt his five years of research on what makes 8% of all male sheep gay. The goal, he says, is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of sexual orientation in sheep. Other researchers might some day build on his findings to seek ways to determine which rams are likeliest to breed. However, protests from PETA have reigned harsh criticism on him, saying that he is trying to create a prenatal gay cure.

There's more...much more...
But I'll save it for another post.

Any thoughts to share?

If not, here are some cartoons to brighten your day. As evidenced by this forced feminization of Tom, I was not the only mind warped at an early age by the amount of bondage prevelant in the Tom and Jerry early morning funnies:

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