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During my wanderings I ran across AskMen.com and was at once intrigued then after reading momentarily horrified. After a bit I decided that the good balanced the bad, but overall I was left with a better understanding of just why men and women don't always see eye to eye...

Intriguing Sex Positions:
With name's like the Boston Brute, the Merry Mandolin, Othello's Back Groove and the Reverse Frog Squat it was worth checking into ... I'll leave it up to you guys to comment on your success rate, I'm more than willing to take on the challenge of trying to figure out how to make Super Hero's Delight, Zero Gravity and Orthello's Back Groove work...

Really Bad Advice:
In a question to the sexual adviser titled in bad taste: Stank in The Tank, a man complained about his girlfriend having a bad odor below her belly button and the fact that he hasn't gone down there since...

The advice given was: "I know it's difficult to reveal that you're not pleased with your partner's odor, but if you're able to make love to her, then you should be able to discuss this matter. You don't have to say anything insulting. Rather, you can take her into the shower with you. Or you can lead by example and tell her you're going to take a shower... first.
Or, during foreplay, you could reveal that you want to explore her body at length and maybe she should freshen up before you both get undressed. Believe it or not, even when men don't shower, they emit an unflattering odor around their genital area. And because women have constant moisture down there, it's only normal that they will end up emitting a strong odor as well. "

Why do I see this as bad advice? If the adviser is in the medical profession and I assume he is...he might have suggested that his gf might be suffering from a medical condition, ranging from mild to severe. Because normal, healthy girls shouldn't be so foul smelling as to make a man swear off cunnilingus.

The Balancing Good Advice:
A man wrote in complaining, "My girlfriend ejaculates forcefully and I don't care for the sensation of being urinated on or the smell. I've never experienced this in a woman before. Furthermore, my girlfriend doesn't like it. Is there a way to rectify this situation? "

AskMen.com Adviser replied at length here and ending with, "...she's not urinating on you...Do you enjoy ejaculating? Of course you do, so how could you say she doesn't? ...perhaps you should stop turning her on or even making love to her for that matter. But is that really what you want?"

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