On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

"On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Ten Toys All Waterproof! (Cause girl is a total water bondage baby*grin*)
Nine Ladies Dancing, Eight French Maids Dusting;) Seven Sensual Glass Menageries! Six fun shapes from Liberator, five vibrating rings, four ass smacks, three butt plugs, two nipple clamps and a talking head vibrator."

Yowzah! Check out these GREAT ... Waterproof ... Very Adult Toys!!

The circumference on this toy is perfect—the vaginal arm is big enough to make this user feel full and a bit stretched, but not so big as to be painful. The anal probe is perfectly sized as well.The veins are raised enough to be palpable and add a wonderful sensation when thrusting. The speeds range from a gentle caress to “oh god ohgod ohgod DAMN” with a slight twist of the cap.
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These waterproof pink anal beads feature a firm yet flexible plastic stalk and a tantalizing vibrator built into the tip.

Waterproof Buddy
Okay, this one is cutesy...almost too cutesy, with raised hearts on the side...but its bendy, flexy...so we'll see

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